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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking
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Middle Tennessee Pet Care is here to provide excellent care for your pets while you are away. As pet sitters, we go to your home so that your pets aren't in unfamiliar surroundings or exposed to other dogs or cats that may not be friendly. Our care givers will watch over pets that aren't accepted at boarding kennels. Need to find a place to watch over ferrets or chinchilla as well as the dogs and cat? Well, we do! We can help keep your dogs fit, or start them on the road to fitness with daily walks. 

Whether you are going on vacation, your dog has excess energy, or your babies were banned by the kennel, give us a call. Our pet sitters can help! Services include pet sitting in your own home and dog walking. We aren't limited to pet sitting for just dogs and cats.  Ferrets are a specialty! Call today for a free consultation.

Middle Tennessee Pet Care, LLC is based in Cannon County, Tennessee. Our pet sitters are here to give you peace of mind knowing that your pets are taken care of when you cannot be home. We are bonded, insured, and certified in Pet CPR and First Aid by Pets America.

Call for a free in home consultation for any of our services. We will accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards via Square. 

We cover Murfreesboro to Bradyville and various parts in between. If you are not within the service area described, give us a call anyway. We may be able to work something out, or I may know of someone that does cover your area.  

Middle Tennessee Pet Care, LLC is me, finally living my dream. I spent the early part of my working years in the corporate world and at a desk. My heart however, was always with animals and how to create a career where I could do what I love. My family and friends would always turn to me first when they went out of town or needed some “furry friend” advise. I knew this was what I was passionate about and that I had a gift for understanding animals and their needs.

My family has been in the Middle Tennessee area since 2007 and I saw how open, welcoming and wonderful the people of the area are to new businesses. I decided it was my time to bring my passion for animals and talents for understanding them to create Middle Tennessee Pet Care, LLC. No matter if your best friend is furry, feathery or scaly, you can be sure they will receive all the love and best care I can provide.

Currently there are no professional licenses for pet sitters or dog walkers. You may see some companies advertise as licensed, and what they mean is a business license like any other Tennessee business, including this one. Middle Tennessee Pet Care is bonded and insured. Additionally, I am certified in pet CPR and first aid.

Let us show how we will "Provide the best care for your best friend."